September 2014

Just your basic banana bread life changing tip

I learned a great lesson a couple of weeks ago from a Betty Crocker cookbook.  If you’re thinking that I learned to measure correctly or sift my flour, then you are wrong-o.

Nope, I learned to “just do it” and “don’t over think it.”  I put those doozies in quotes because those tips are two of the twelve pillars in overcoming procrastination.  Not really, I just made that up – the “two of the twelve pillars” part.  The tips are real and if you’ve ever read anything on how to stop procrastinating or if you’ve ever heard of Nike, then  you’ve heard these two tips.

K.I.S.S. anyone?  That was another tip, for free!

So yes.  A couple of weeks ago I had three brown bananas, 20 minutes of free time, and absolutely no time to peruse Pinterest or any of my fancy cookbooks for a healthier/better/best/#OMGtodiefor banana bread recipe.

I grabbed my trusty Betty Crocker cookbook that I’ve had since I left my parent’s nest, and quickly flipped to the banana bread recipe.  I made it exactly per the recipe but without nuts since my kids prefer treats without nuts. I don’t comprehend this.

To be perfectly honest, I was rather shocked and it stung a little to hear that the bread was “amazing” and “OMG MOM!  THANKS!” since I had just used a plain ol’ recipe and didn’t doctor it up or elevate it with anything Pinterest worthy.  And then it sunk in – yes, so deep here.

I blessed my family with a plain loaf of banana bread.  All because I decided to not over think it and I “just did it.”  Something we can apply to so many other areas of our lives.  I already warned you it was getting deep in here and I’m not going to apologize for that now. ha!

PS I have since made other variations to the banana bread, of course.  Like adding cocoa powder, chocolate chips, and in one batch, I dumped a scoop of Trader Joe’s Chai Spice Tea Mix.  Ooooh exotic.  I’m fancy like that.

For the record, I’m allergic to bananas so I am safe in baking all of the banana treats because I won’t touch ‘em.

Also, I realized in putting this post together that I’ve referred to this cookbook as my Betty Crocker cookbook for twenty years.  What is my problem?  And where can I get that skirt?


“I’m getting so old, I don’t even buy green bananas anymore.”
- Chi Chi Rodriguez


Anything you’ve been overthinking lately and you just need to jump in and do it? 

I would be remiss to ask for your banana bread recipe – if you have an amazing one.  Or do you just Betty Crocker Better Homes & Gardens it up?

Does a Betty Crocker Cookbook even exist?



September 2014

This is my paleo

On a scale of perfectly styled, plated, and resting gently on a rustic farm table to a blob of barely distinguishable, roasted to a crisp, hopefully that pile is edible, my food falls summwheerree in between.  Lets leave it at that. Deal?

Yes, I could plan better, prep better, shop more locally, you name it, but I have my own excuses, spending budget and priorities.  This is what is working for me and my family of two adults and three teens.  My husband supports my paleo style diet yet there would be heck for me to pay if I were to take away the family’s grains and cheese.  So for now, I not so silently judge them and sneak as many veggies into their meals without them knowing.

I’m linking up today with Jenn at Peas &Crayons to show you what my day of paleo and Whole30 looked like.  I also wanted to explain what it is not.

Maybe you’ll find it helpful if you are on overload when it comes to a healthy diet? I know I’m a big girl and I know that what I see on blogs and instagram isn’t always true or even the biggest picture, but sometimes, just sometimes, I catch myself thinking that I’m not doing it right. That my version of paleo is wrong because:

  • I didn’t press my coffee and blend it with spices and organic butter.
  • I didn’t locally source my bison (I’ve never actually purchased bison before.  Bee pollen yes – bison no.)
  • Not all of my fruits and veggies are organic.  Did you faint?  I probs just got kicked out of the paleo club.  Just kidding.  There isn’t a club.  (Ok well there probably is one but I don’t know about it because they would never ever invite me.)

I promise I’m getting to my point here.  Definitely later than sooner, sorry.  My intention is just to show you that my paleo is what it is, paper plates and all.  I know! I’m the most horrible of the planet killers.  I don’t even think it’s palegal.  Get it?!  Paleo + legal ?

FINE, I’ll stop and get to the pics.  Mind you, these are more for uh, reference and not because I take nice photographs of my food.



Breakfast was three brown eggs – I think the box says that they are all the bad stuff free?-fried in some coconut oil and sprinkled with some sea salt and fajita seasoning.  Served on a paper towel and consumed on my way to work.  Not pictured – two cups of normal brewed, black coffee.  Peet’s if you’re asking.


Lunch was leftovers of my dinner last night. Spaghetti squash (that I baked too long and it’s on the mushier side) topped with “paleo chili” and half of an avocado.  Nothing in this picture is/was organic.  Check out the paper plate and paper napkin!  All kidding aside, I’m not proud of using paper products but sometimes I am lazy/forgetful and usually both at the same time and that’s what’s available at work.


A snack later on in the day of an apple and some almond butter.  Trader Joe’s brand, no sugar added, and salmonella free.  I’m so sorry but I have just not figured out how to photograph almond butter without it looking like diarrhea.  The jar!  I could have just shown you the jar.  My apologies, again.

Dinner happened to be the same thing I had for lunch, minus the grapes.  I was tired when I got home from work and didn’t feel like cooking.  Leftovers are the pros and cons of this diet for me.

Oh and I did have some cashews for a pre workout snack and some Ruby Red Chai tea to ward off a sugar craving.  I didn’t eat any sugar but the tea didn’t make the craving go away.


Thank you for visiting and letting me be a little cheeky about my paleo diet.  Sometimes it can look a little judgy and pretentious, this whole clean eating/whole foods/paleo lifestyle.  I say, do what you can do with the budget and means that you have.  While my diet won’t stand up to a paleo purist’s diet, I feel satisfied that what I’m doing is better than eating junk food, fast food, and overly processed chemicals on a daily basis.

Please tell me I’m not the only one?  *crickets



September 2014

Mistakes and hashtags

This is me lately, when trying to write a blog post:

…..type, type, delete delete…..      ..  ….. type deleeeeeettttteeeeeeeeee

(Hopefully you pictured a typer with typer’s block.  I didn’t use the word writer because uh, vanity. Duh.)

The simple truth is that I am a perfectionist and yeah, a procrastinator.  I have been since I was very young. The perfectionist part.  The procrastinating part came later and that wasn’t meant as a joke either.


I liked this quote by an unknown human individual.  And then I played with it because I like doing things like that.

I’m trying to get over myself but it’s a lot easier said than done.  It’s very frustrating when you know exactly what you SHOULD be doing or how you should be acting but your inner toddler has flat out thrown herself on the floor and has a death grip around the leg of the couch. #aintgoingnowhere  That was just the long way of saying perfectionism and procrastinating are BFF&E.

Part of me wants to apologize for loving hashtags so much but the other part of me that is winning says, #sueme.

Why don’t I just give up blogging since I can’t seem to get my butt over here and post?  I’ve honestly asked myself that question many times and here’s what I’ve come up with so far:

Writing posts is my way of talking things out and holding myself accountable to a healthy lifestyle.

Why don’t I just keep a journal?  Because a blog is scarier.  There’s an accountability aspect attached to a blog and by sharing my trek, I might help just one person?  That would be cool.  Meeting others that are on the same path or have the “Been there Done that” shirt would be the best, really.

My health is one area of my life that has fallen culprit to perfectionism and so, you will currently find me:

  • Running – again using the Couch to 5k Program.  (Yes, when you stop running, it’s almost as if you start back at the very beginning.)
  • Doing a Whole30 Paleo challenge
  • Figuring out how to get up early enough in the morning to add in some strength training/and or yoga
  • Playing around with essential oils.  Trendy much?  In my defense, I’ve had a bottle or Rosemary EO since 1998.  That means I’ve earned the “legit badge” and haven’t just jumped on the current bandwagon.
  • Decluttering clothes/possessions/paperwork.  Stuff I don’t need or use stresses me out.  I also don’t like to dust.  #handinhand

Any perfectionists in the house?

Any tips or tricks you use to push through some of the harder times of being stuck? My personal fave is setting a timer for 15 minutes and seeing how much I can get done. 



September 2014

My grams, the swearing sailor.

I have been having a dickens of a time writing a post, explaining where I’ve been or what went wrong with my head and why I haven’t posted in forever.  Dickens…reminds me of my sweet Grams.

Because I’m inquisitive and completely notorious for getting off track, I had to check to see where in the dickens that word came from. has this to say:



devil; deuce (usually preceded by the and often used in exclamations and as a mild imprecation):

The dickens you say! What the dickens does he want?

Ahhh grams.  You probably don’t care, but she always used to exclaim, “Jiminy Cricket!” when something didn’t go her way. Again, I looked it up and guess what? Grams was a swearing sailor.

Following in her footsteps, I can be quoted frequently as saying;

Oh Sugar!


Mother Bear!!


Son of a BISCUIT!!!

I digress.

The teens are back in school.  Back in Fall Sports – football and volleyball.  Oh, and I have a senior this year.  #nobiggie

Our family was very active this summer and I feel like I can finally wrap my brain around a semblance of a routine.  I’m still working on breaking my addiction to sugar – so pleasant – and I’m getting back into regular workouts – so lazy.


Speaking of lazy, we climbed this the other day-Castle Crags. Not to the tippy top because I’m not a rock climber and because teenagers.


Buuhhhtt, it was over 6 miles, round trip and included a gain of something like 2200 feet in elevation.  We started from the bottom-bottom which added another .75 of a mile to our hike. 


No training!  Such stupid.  No telephoto lens was used in procuring these pictures either.  I have the blisters on the toes to prove it.  No picture of blisters for you.  You’re welcome.

PS I am making applesauce in a slow cooker for the first time in forever.  I told you I get sidetracked easily. What do I do when I’m done with it?  Freeze it?  I mean besides eat it.  The leftovers.  Freeze – yes or no?

I love the funny things our moms and grammies say.  Please share a special phrase you get stuck in your head that was handed down from another mother or other. 

I mean it.  I love stupid stuff like this.  Oh and don’t forget that I asked you what to do with the leftover applesauce!  Thanks!



July 2014

Sugar and perfectionism

I have just cemented in to my bird brainish (at times) head, that the more you procrastinate doing something, the harder and more unpleasant the task becomes.

Uhh…duh anyone?


I know this quote is overused but it’s a good one, so deal.  I also regurgitated this pic from a post or instagram, but I just didn’t like a post without any pictures.

Another quote I’m diggin’?  “I just give myself permission to suck.  I find this hugely liberating. – John Green

It’s been a very long time since I last posted and I’ve got so much to tell you!  I’ll just get this out of the way, for starters, NOTHING is/was wrong.  I guess the very best way to put it is that a whole bunch of little things started coming all at once and it really started to bog me down.  I think some people call that “life”?  I could be wrong.  But I’m not.

I let all those little things get to me because I wasn’t taking care of myself.  Namely, I was engaging in some very negative self talk.  I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I thought I might be the exception to the rule.  You know that rule right?  The rule that goes something like, “Don’t talk bad to yourself ever ever ever ever everrrrrr because you will start to believe what you’re telling yourself.” That rule.  It’s a hard rule.

Whaaaaaale, I’m not superhuman and it turns out that I started to believe the horrible things I was telling myself.  I know I’m not alone and you probably do this to yourself sometimes too.  Admit it.

Currently, I’m working on a little project I like to call, “Me”.  I am loving everything Trish Blackwell at the moment and I highly recommend her free podcasts and any all of her other freebies and products she sells.  She has a heart of gold and is sincerely intent on helping others.  Just what I want to be when I grow up!

So part of my little project of healing my emotional self has been in getting my relationship with food back to a healthy state.  I have to be careful here because I have some eating disorders to deal with in addition to being a recovering perfectionist.  I’m currently on day 14, TWO WEEKS!, of a Whole30 paleo challenge.  I didn’t realize that it has only been two weeks, so I got a little excited there.  I’m almost halfway done, yet it doesn’t feel like it’s been hard either.

When I first did the challenge, almost exactly a year ago, it went great!  And then I tried three more times in the beginning of the year to eliminate sugar out of my diet but I failed pretty miserably those three times.  What’s different this time and compared to the first time I succeeded is that I believe in myself and I’m letting go of perfection.  I am determined to follow the program exactly as it’s laid out to best reap the benefits of not being addicted to sugar, buuhhuut, I’m not stressing out about trace amounts of the wrong kind of oil, or when eating out, could there be a grain or two of sugar in this marinade?   My baby girl also turned 15 last week and I had the smallest of sliver of chocolate pie and a dab of ice cream.  I wanted to take part in her celebration and for me, it was right to have the treat.  What I call a success is that I did not allow myself to berate myself for not doing the challenge perfectly.  I also didn’t allow that one treat to derail the rest of my efforts.  Chocolate and not guilt.

A win and uhhWIN!

So, let me just say…I’ve missed having my blog as an outlet for reaching out to others and sharing ideas and little random things.  I apologize for letting things slash fears get the best of me.  I would love it if you would email me and let me know how you are doing or leave a comment below.  Have you ever considered giving up sugar to see how it affects your mood?  I’d love to chat more about that! Or we could talk about life in general and or puppies.

Last few fleeting thoughts:

Loved this little comic of sketch books of the pros.  You’ll see why in the very last square.  So true!

I found this list of 10 ways to tell if you’re a perfectionist. Lucky for you, I have been there done that at one time or another and I can tell you first hand to knock it off.



April 2014

Ripping the band-aid off

This blog post is totally like ripping off a band-aid for me.  A soggy, stinky, stained band-aid that should have been pulled off three weeks ago.  Did you like that pretty picture I painted for you?  Maybe this picture will help.  I’ve really come to cherish this quote lately.  And by “cherish” I mean, I’ve been repeating this one a lot lately.  So I didn’t really mean cherish in the first place.


When you have something that you need and want to do, but it’s hard, it might hurt, and it might make you mad, well, you know the drill…99% of the time it’s so much easier and less painful if you just do it and get it over with, and everyone is better served in the end. Yes, I’m still talking about writing a blog post.

So here’s my long, overdue band-aid rip off.  I’m not sure why I waited so long but I was pretty disgusted with myself. I know, harsh words, but keep reading. The words get prettier. I also was pretty consumed with feelings of guilt, anger, yup, and a whole slew of other emotions.

Basically, the last Whole30 challenge I did, as SOON as it was over, I ate all of the foods.  There was no easing back into anything, no slowly adding a bit of sugar here and there, I went into full on binge monster mode. 

I obviously had/have some issues that need to be addressed.  That is where I am now.  I’m not saying that the Whole30 challenge is a bad idea because I was really successful with it back in July/August 2013.  I also still think that a paleo diet, for me, is best and makes me feel at my best.  What fouled me up this time was that I let the “No, no, no’s” make me feel like I was deprived.  It was too restrictive for me in a way that didn’t make me feel empowered, but more along the lines of, well the opposite of feeling empowered. Erm. It made me angry and feeling like a toddler…or a teenager…or whichever one at the moment wants to stomp their feet and live their own life.

I also have a confession.  I will be your number one cheerleader.  I will gently scold you if you EVER say that you’re fat, or a loser, or pathetic.  But uh, I don’t live what I preach when applying that to myself.  I have said, and up until two days ago, I was saying some of the most negative things to myself.  You would seriously stab me in the neck if I were to say to you, any of the things I was telling myself.  Talk about being a hypocrite right?!!! 

I have my issues with being a perfectionist and I think that somehow, I felt I was an exception to the rule.  The negative things I was saying to myself would motivate me, and spur me on to excellence.  Hahahuhhh?, Nope. The very thing I tell my teenage daughters to never ever doubt for a second that they are capable, powerful, beautiful, brilliant, confident, all of those good mommy things we love to say…and to never ever believe anything else….I was telling myself the opposite.  Head hanging opposite. I think I am finally making some progress in the right direction, doing some self help emotional homework, improving my positive self-talk, and ditching all the negative junk.  Yep, I’m pretty darn awesome!

I know it’s going to take some time and a lot of hard work.  I just thought I’d share a little of what I’ve been putting myself through in case someone else might benefit from the dump of honesty.  Perhaps you would like to come along side me and we can support each other in our quests to not be meanies to ourselves?

My goal with this blog in the future is to really buckle down on finding balance in all areas of my life and to share what I’m learning with all two of you. I promise I will be completely transparent and honest through the process in a positive and non gaggy or whiney way.  If your gags are induced by some of my food photos, then I apologize in advance.  Or maybe you just have a hyperactive gag reflex, like me.  I can NOT brush my tongue without that icky feeling.

Life has been rumored to be a roller coaster before.  I’ve started on this journey before when I first lost a big chunk of weight.  I came to a really good place with some professional therapy too.  But that wasn’t my destination…losing the weight, and then getting in shape.  It didn’t end there, but I let up on my pursuit of excellence and got lost thinking about the future versus the moment. 

And if I can do this all, while still having chocolate in my life, then count me in!  And bacon.  But the name of my blog isn’t “Did someone say bacon?”  But that would have been a good idea too.



April 2014

What I ate Wednesday–The Last Days of my Whole30 Challenge

I have been feeling very mheh about my diet as of late.  Two days left on this Whole30 challenge!  TWO DAYS!!  I hope I’m not coming across as being a downer about the challenge, but I’m looking forward to it being over and finding a little more balance versus black and what, eat this not that.

The way my mind is connected to food is such that when you tell me I can’t eat something, that’s when I want it more.  However, I feel loads better when I don’t have sugar coursing through my veins making me cray cray or dairy wandering through my gut making me look like I’m pregnant.

I’m just being honest here and I’m really tired of telling myself no because it makes the urge to binge eat a lot stronger.  Having removed the sugar from my diet has helped immensely though.  And now I’m just talking in circles.  Only two more days though that you have to put up with my whining about this.  You’re welcome.

Let’s get on with this What I ate Wednesday and get the show on the road!  See more WIAW posts by visiting the hostess with the mostest, Jenn at Peas and Crayons.

Breakfast – not proud of my choices here today.  I had four slices of bacon, and Pecan Pie Lara Bar, and 5 large strawberries with my black coffee.  Not impressed.  There’s no picture to prove it either but would I lie about an imperfect breakfast?


Lunch – I ate some leftover steak and Brussels sprouts along with some more strawberries.  I’m over steak…which is a good thing since there are healthier sources of protein out there.  I’ve just been lazy and the boy does like his beef.  (He likes to tease his mother and aunts by threatening to take McDonald’s hamburgers into the Sikh temples, sneaking them in to a wedding ceremony.) *Sigh, that boy.


Dinner – Finally!  Something other than beef!  Roasted chicken breast with a slew of veggies that needed to be used up before they went bad.

So to conclude, TWO MORE DAYS!  Would I recommend  a Whole30 challenge?  Yes, of course.  But might I suggest you try it for the first time during the summer when there is a wider variety of fruits and vegetables?  Also, a grill makes everything taste better!



March 2014

Foodie Pen Pal–March Reveal

I was really excited to participate in my first ever Foodie Pen Pals organized by Lindsay at The Lean Green

The Lean Green Bean

I think the idea is just brilliant!  After I signed up, I received my Foodie Pen Pal’s name and we got in touch via email. After a few questions back and forth, I set off to pick out some of my favorite treats that are from my local area here in Oregon. After sending them off to the opposite side of the country, I waited like a 6 year old girl at Christmas, waiting for my box to come from Dre.

It was definitely Christmas in March when the box showed up on my doorstep.  Dre was a doll and was very reassuring as I peppered her with questions, including her favorite color. ha!  I felt very spoiled when I received my box of goodies as it was chock full of so many treats!


First glimpse!  See, it was filled to the brim!


Missing from this picture is an assortment of K Cups, tea and coffee, to use with my Keurig at work.  I was probably most excited about those to begin with because I knew the variety would be fun to break up the day at work. I wasn’t wrong and I am still enjoying my breaks with something new from my k cup stash.

Dre was kind enough to add in an assortment of treats that I could enjoy while doing my Whole30 challenge and then some goodies for after completion. I’m really looking forward to those veggie chips, dark chocolate & PB cups, the peanut butter filled pretzels and the yogurt covered almonds.  Oh my yum!  Oh and the Kind Bars…those are my favorite! 


MashUps in Blueberry Blitz and Berry flavor.  I ate the blueberry one right away as a little snack before dinner.  That’s why it’s not in the picture with it’s other companions.  I thought this was a fun little snack and such a bonus that a spoon wasn’t needed.  I can see these as being a great, portable way to get a serving or two of fruit when you’re on the road or great to pack for volleyball tournaments.  I’ll definitely be purchasing some of these to have on hand for convenience and emergency sake.

Lara Bars in Coconut and Key Lime – YUM Two of my favorite flavors!

Fruit Crisps Freeze Dried All Fruit Snacks– the bag in the picture is actually empty. Fooled you! I tried sooo soo hard to not touch anything before I was able to take pictures, but patience is not a virtue of mine.  This bag was a mix of apple, berries, melon, and pear.  I’ve only ever had the varieties from Trader Joes in strawberry, raspberry and cranberry so this was really interesting.  The melon and pear were amazing and the boysenberries were out of this world.  I will totally be on the hunt to find a product like this here locally.


These Chocolate Chip Snackimals from Barbara’s brand were going to be a treat for me after my Whole30.  I was totally going to be selfish and not share but when push comes to shove mom, I caved and let my 14teen have these as part of her breakfast-on-the-go.  She also had one of the fruit leathers from the box.  The little stinker!  We have many more early morning orthodontist appointments to come and she probably won’t eat breakfast before, so I’m going to have to step up my game and prepare ahead of time. My teens feed themselves their own breakfast so that’s why it threw me for a loop on this particular morning.

Lastly, there were two little extras in my goodie box with a fun little note attached that said I should not eat the contents. Loved it!  Two facial masks to try.  It’s been forever since I’ve pampered my face with a facial so this was an extra special treat.


The Manuka Honey Peel Off Mask was my favorite out of the two.  It smelled so delicious.  Almost like you’d want to eat your own face off.  But don’t.

Thank you Dre for making my first foodie pen-pal experience so much fun!!

Have you done a Foodie Pen Pal exchange before?  There’s still time to sign up for April!



March 2014

Friday Favorites–The Paleo Edition

For this Friday’s Favorites, I wanted to showcase a few of the things that I have been loving during this Whole30 Challenge of mine.  In case this is your very first day on the World Wide Web, then the Whole30 challenge is paleo eating but even worse better.

Oh and funny tidbit, last year around this same time, I snubbed my nose at paleo.  Ok, not snubbed, but the thought of it was just too overwhelming to me at the time.  In July, I was ready though and open to thought of giving up sugar, dairy, alcohol, grains, legumes, and all processed foods.  It was just for 30 days and it certainly wouldn’t kill me.  See!  Still alive.  And happy.  For the most part.  Gosh darn it sugar I hate love you.

Ok, I digress.  My favorites today are great for anyone that might be sitting on the fence post of going paleo or just cleaning up your diet.

The lovely Heather at Housewife Glamour hosts this fun link up each week, and a big thank you to her.  It’s so fun to see what other bloggers are favoring.  I always come away with some new great ideas to try!

Housewife Glamour


Are you ready for some paleo fun?!

Favorite Coconut Oil

This coconut oil by Nutiva is by far my favorite for both the kitchen and the bathroom.  It smells like coconut and it tastes like coconut!  Some people don’t like that though, so beware.


Favorite Lunch Meal

I love to make this to have as leftovers for a good solid six meals or more.  (Depends on how piggy pants I’m feeling.)  Julie at PaleOMG is to thank for this very simple yet so flavorful dish.  You can read my squash-crushing post about that here.


I added zucchini and sliced olives and was too lazy to slice up mushrooms to add.  Darn it, because that would have been so tasty!

I also really love this Chicken Cashew dish when I’m craving Asian takeout.

Favorite Spice


Oh muh gosh guysssss!  I can’t get enough of truffles!  I’m obsessed with truffle flavored oils and salts.  It gives such a nice flavor to a dish.  With the salt, I just sprinkle a tiny bit on at the end.  Putting this stuff on scrambled eggs?  Brilliant.  My absolute favorite veggie of the moment is Brussels sprouts sautéed in truffle infused olive oil with a sprinkle of Trader Joe’s Himalayan Salt with Truffles.

On another note, there are quite a few mushroom camps within a decent driving distance.  I’ve heard that mushroom hunters can get, well, a little rowdy.  Have you ever gone mushroom or truffle hunting?

Favorite Treats

So it’s a well known fact that I often don’t do what I’m told.  Meaning, Lara Bars during your Whole30 challenge should be reserved for emergencies.  Well, I guess I’ve had quite a few emergencies over the last 22 days. haha!  The problem with them is that you can abuse them like a candy bar substitute and the big picture is to change your relationship to food.  There is also a lot of natural sugar in the dates that are used, so they could still feed the sugar dragon.  I don’t have one daily, but maybe every other day…sometimes less.  I pull back when I feel that I’m relying on the too much.  But one day, I ate three in one day.  Not proud.

Out of the Lara Bars that are approved for the Whole30, Cherry Pie and Lemon Pie have been my favorite with Cherry always on top. As it should be.  As it should.  However, Pecan Pie is sneaking in there as a new fave.  It’s perfect and delicious when paired with a cup of black coffee.  And oh my gosh, this is the closest one to tasting like an actual piece of pie!


And now, to conclude, one last favorite treat.  I seriously check the package each time to make sure there isn’t any added sugar in these.


Freeze Dried Strawberries!!  These taste like candy and they are also amazing to stir into overnight oats, pancakes, and muffins.  All the things you can’t eat during a Whole30, so I eat them plain.  Trader Joe’s makes a raspberry, blueberry, and cranberry (didn’t like) that are also available.  I used the raspberry kind in my No Bake, Raspberry & Cocoa Granola Bars. I can’t wait to make those bars again, but with the strawberries…my fave!

So tell me, have you tried truffle oil and/or salt?  What are your thoughts?

Do you have a favorite LaraBar flavor?  I will be sneaking one in to the movie theater to see Divergent this weekend.  Shhhh….



March 2014

Whole30 Food Journal–Week 3

Week 3 People!  This post is a rather detailed food journal of what I ate during the third week of my Whole30 Challenge.  This is the part where you can’t quietly slip out the side entrance and not finish this blow by blow play of my paleo eats for an entire week.  Right there…the side door.  Move quickly.

This is a great resource to a ton of downloads that will visually show you what Whole30 is and isn’t.

Oh and be sure to come back on Friday for another Whole30 Friday Favorites post!

If you are still here, then you’re a sucker for punishment.  I’ll give you an overall preview and then you can still duck out without feeling bad. This third week was the roughest compared to the first two weeks.  There are wholes in this week’s journal.  I wasn’t able to stay on top of it.  The gist of it is there with the meals but all in all…the week was a little sucky.  I’m talking emotions and hormones and stuff.  Nothing serious.  Just my entire life people! haha.

Anyway, I’m finding that I’m starting to feel deprived.  I’m feeling great that I’m not being controlled by sugar during every waking moment but I’m also feeling reading to stretch my wings and try this whole balance thing again.  Soon enough, I’ll get there, because I will see this challenge out to the end. Thursday, April 3rd is my very last day!  That’s just a week away!

This PDF about life after the Whole30 should probably go on my fridge.

It’s probably wrong of me to be so excited that this challenge is almost over.  The first time I completed it, I was a little timid about it ending and I wondered if I would go right back to my old ways.  But I didn’t, I was fine.  Finding balance with my diet is something that will continue for the rest of my life.  And that is completely normal…for everyone. It’s easy for me to expect so much out of myself that I forget I’m not superwoman.  (I dressed up as her one Halloween though.)

If you continue on reading about this on the cruddy side Week 3, I did try and highlight for you some of the snippets that stood out to me on each day.  Thanks again!  Keeping this journal is one of the reasons I’m sticking with it this time.


Day 16 – Thursday

Meal 1, 9:15– Egg muffins…getting old but I like the convenience.

Meal 2, 12pm – Leftover Tri Tip and Brussels sprouts

Meal 3, 6:30pm – Umm…I forgot to track what I ate and so…my memory fails me

Feelings: The irritated fog seems to be lifting and I don’t seem to be so tormented by all of my feels.  I’ve been feeling out of sorts and on a mild pity party.


Day 17 – Friday

Meal 1, 9:15– Egg Muffins…snore

Meal 2, 12pm – Leftover Tri Tip and leftover veggies of some sort.

Meal 3, 6:30pm – Take out from our favorite “taco truck”. I had chicken and fajita style veggies, no tortillas.


Day 18- Saturday

Meal 1, 9:15– Sweet potato and sausage….and we were out of eggs?! How does this happen?!?!  My favorite breakfast…squashed with a lack of planning.

Meal 2, 12pm – Bacon, hardboiled egg and spinach salad

Meal 3, 6:30pm – A hamburger patty with lettuce buns, onions, and mushrooms.

Feelings: Very crankbutt the whole day until I spent some time on the yoga mat.

Energy Level: Lack of motivation until I did a session of yoga, and then I felt amazing. I kid you not!


Day 19- Sunday

Meal 1, 9:30 Egg scramble with mushrooms, onions, and a few pieces of sausage.

Meal 2, 3pm – I hit the road and had a three hour drive to take my kiddos to see their dad so I hit up Trader Joes and ended up with a Lara Bar for backup, some turkey lunchmeat and an apple. I couldn’t be slowed down with a salad.

Meal 3, – I was too exhausted by time I got home at 7pm to prepare anything. I ate a single serving cup of applesauce with berries, some more turkey lunchmeat, and I called it a night.

Feelings: Struggling with a lot of cravings because I’m traveling. Wanting frozen yogurt too!

Hunger level between meals: No real hunger and even did a long stretch between breakfast and lunch.

Energy Level: Moderate to steady except 6 hours total in the car and I was worn out by 7pm from all the driving.

Sleep: According to my fitbit, I got 8 hours and 4 minutes of sleep. I don’t feel like I got that much though?


Day 20- Monday

Meal 1, 9:15– Egg muffins at work with some bacon sprinkles.

Meal 2, 12pm – Three hardboiled eggs, half an avocado, an apple, and some turkey slices. The avocado counts as a veggie, right? Lol!

Meal 3, 6:30pm – The hubs got home from a quick trip out of town and surprised me with a Monday night at Applebees. Ha! We have limited choices for eating establishments in this neck of the woods high desert and he had a coupon burning in his pocket. I grabbed my bottle of Tessemae’s Zesty Ranch and we headed out. We got the 2 for $20 meal and I ordered the house salad and the Chicken and Shrimp minus the avocado/tequila sauce (they use ranch dressing as the base of the sauce). Instead of rice, I ordered some extra veggies which they were very generous with so I actually had another meal’s worth of veggies. Score! I wasn’t going to squabble about the oil they cooked in so I still count this eating out trip as a success. Plus, I had my Tessie’s with me to drizzle on top of everything. I was a happy camper. Except for one thing. I’ve been craving a lime margarita and when you are old hip like we are and get to Applebees during happy hour, everyone there is ordering margaritas left and right. I will remember this. Yeah, just getting my buzz on on a random Monday night at 5pm

Feelings: Dull headache that I think can be attributed to a lack luster diet over the weekend. Where are the veggies? Bring them back Ames!  The headache finally went away around 3:30pm.

Energy Level: Not too peppy due to the headache, but I’m faking it.

Sleep: Not enough.  Never is enough when the hubs is out of town.


Day 21 – Tuesday

Meal 1, 9:15– Eggs with some leftover bacon.  Me thinks it’s not a great idea to eat so much bacon.

Meal 2, 12pm – Pork Carnitas, precooked and marinated from Trader Joe’s., half of a sweet potato, and an apple.

Meal 3, 6:30pm – Chicken, sautéed in coconut oil, salt and pepper, and topped with a drizzle of Tessemae’s Zesty Ranch. Side of sautéed Brussels sprouts, half of a sweet potato, and some strawberries.


Day 22 – Wednesday

Meal 1, 9:15– I did a dumb thing today. I remembered I had a Pecan Pie Lara Bar and decided that I wanted that for breakfast with my coffee. Guess who was starving by 12pm for lunch?! In addition to the Lara Bar, I also had four large strawberries and two small handfuls of cashews.

Meal 2, 12pm – Leftover veggies from Monday’s trip to Applebees, and leftover Trader Joe’s Pork Carnitas. Oh and four strawberries.

Meal 3, 6:30pm – I was still pretty full from my lunch being so huge that I just didn’t feel like eating much of anything.

Feelings: Anxious for the challenge to be over.  Even though my blood sugar is steady and I feel better, my brain is trying to smack me down and make me feel deprived.

Hunger level between meals: Got hungry between breakfast and lunch because I was seriously lacking in the protein department at breakfast.

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